Tooling For Composites | Bristol, United Kingdom | September 16th 2020

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We will be presenting “An elegant solution for manufacturing unitized, co-cured composite structures” at this year’s Tooling For Composites show in Bristol, United Kingdom. Our presentation takes place during Session 4 at 17:00.

This presentation will review examples of manufacturing unitized, co-cured structures with Smart Tooling, including multi-chamber control surfaces, stringer reinforced fuselage barrels and structural skin panels. Smart Tooling is trusted by many of the biggest names in the aerospace and defense sectors to deliver our elegantly simple composite manufacturing solutions.

About the Show

AMI is expanding their composites portfolio to include Tooling for Composites this September.

With increased adoption of composites in high-performance industries, there is a need to ensure tools have higher accuracy, reduced costs, faster processes and a longer lifespan.

This conference will look at the latest advancements to improve tooling and end products. Expert speakers across the value chain share their insight and knowledge through case studies, product showcases and interactive sessions.

Learn more about the Conference.

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